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Wedding sights

Wedding stops can be arranged wherever the heart desires.

Wedding stops can be in nature or in the city, depending on the location of the wedding ceremony and celebration, or it can be in a place that is important for the young couple, where they have experienced important moments in their relationship.

Make sure that the wedding stop is not too far away and that both you and your guests can enjoy the stopover activities and relax.

Sites where witnesses prepare wedding tasks for the newly couple can take place in manors, castles, museums, historical sites, bridges, forests and even meadows.

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Manors and castles

Always a luxurious and elegant choice with a touch of history, where you can realize everything - a wedding ceremony, a wedding party, a stopover and a wedding photo session.

Historical objects

Cultural-historical buildings, fortresses and churches, and places in nature - the reason to improve a beautiful photo session with a culturally saturated excursion or a task for yourself and wedding guests.

Forests, meadows, lavender fields

The meadow is not boring! If you organize a festive feast and activities and the first dance, it will become the most romantic meadow in the world! You can choose natural objects for the wedding stop as you like. They can also be beautiful and aromatic lavender fields, an overgrown canal or a little known ravine.

Cafes, museums, theater

City wedding chic. Maybe your first date was in a cafe, theater or even a museum?