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Wedding accommodation

If you are planning a two-day wedding or need to accommodate guests from other cities for a one-day wedding, then wedding accommodation is one of the things to think about. Even if the wedding accommodation is paid for by the guests themselves, you should still be prepared to recommend the best solutions.

Wedding night charm

Wedding accommodations are important not just for guests, but for the newly couple themselves, who have their wedding night ahead of them. In order to make the wedding night even more special, it is important to find a suitable place for the couple – the more remote from other guests the better. The new couple's suite will be a place for them to take a break from all the attention and enjoy the fact that they have become husband and wife.

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Wedding accommodation for guests

If the wedding is planned in the city, then the ideal wedding accommodation will be a hotel near the venue. However, before booking a hotel room, you should check the hotel's service and quality. If the wedding is planned outside the city and there are not enough beds for all the guests in the chosen place of celebration, then the wedding accommodation can also be other nearby guest houses or manors. Of course, in this case, you need to think in advance how guests will get to their accommodation.

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