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Wedding ceremony venues

Finding a place for a wedding ceremony is often time consuming. After all, it will be a place where the young couple will say "I do" to each other. That's why when looking for a place for a wedding ceremony, you need to understand why this place should be special to you. In the wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM you will find the best and most popular places for wedding ceremonies in Europe and elsewhere in the world, as well as informative articles and inspirational pictures about both seemingly traditional and completely non-traditional places where the wedding ceremony could take place.

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Wedding ceremony venues - from a sea shore to a forest

There are many and different places for wedding ceremonies in Europe - you only need to find the most suitable option which matches the couple's wishes and the overall style of the wedding. If the young couple has decided to hold a wedding ceremony in a beautiful castle or a manor, then an unconventional approach is also possible. Even seemingly traditional wedding ceremony venues can be made untraditional by choosing the right location.

If the couple has decided that they want to have an outdoor wedding, then they have to go in search of the right place for the wedding ceremony. It is worth remembering that Europe is full of wonderful places and landscapes. Venues for wedding ceremonies can be a seashore, a meadow, an apple orchard or a forest. It is possible if that is allowed not only by the location, but also by legislation.

If you are dreaming of a place for your wedding ceremony, you can, for example, put white sofas in the middle of the forest for your guests, combining the grandeur of nature with the much-needed comfort of wedding guests. Of course, when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, you will have to think about various practical issues, but nothing is impossible. The wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has compiled the best wedding ceremony venues, as well as regularly offers recommendations from wedding industry experts on how to choose the most suitable wedding ceremony venues.

Find wedding ceremony venues in the BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM media!

To make it easier to find your ideal wedding ceremony venue, which will be both magical and original, and will match the chosen wedding theme, we offer the most important information in one place in the BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM media, summarizing the best and most requested wedding ceremony venues throughout the world. Manors, castles, cafes, restaurants and even botanical gardens - with us, every couple will find the most suitable option for an ideal wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies - also in non-traditional places!

Now it is mostly allowed for young couples to get married not only in the church or in the registry office, but basically at any outdoor or indoor place, and that is a great opportunity for an original wedding ceremony venue. The places of the wedding ceremony could be:

  • seashore;
  • forest;
  • next to a lake;
  • in the yard of the family house and other places in the open air.

Most couples are looking for grand places with impressive views, but to give the wedding ceremony more personality and sincerity, it can be experienced in a place that is special for both of you - maybe where you first saw each other. The wedding ceremony can take place in the high school yard, park, city center, sports arena, bus stop, shop and more - why not recall and tell others how was it back then? But if you want to fulfill your dream and ever step on the big stage, why not do it on your wedding day? An opera house, a large theater hall or beautiful concert halls can turn into a great choice for a beautiful, tasteful and definitely - non-traditional wedding ceremony.

The right location is important when choosing a wedding ceremony venue!

If you have decided to hold a wedding ceremony in one of the most beautiful castles or manors in Latvia, then an unconventional approach is also possible. For example, if the wedding ceremony is planned in Rūmene manor, then it may just as well take place in the manor's linden alley, which will be different from the often popular garden of the manor. Even seemingly traditional venues can be turned into unconventional wedding ceremony venues by choosing the right location.

BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM- a media not only for the bride, but also for the groom

In the BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM media you can spend several hours getting practical advice on wedding organization, as well as ideas for wedding decoration or activities. From wedding ceremony venues to wedding photo stories and interviews - there are many details to think about before the wedding, and BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has gathered them all.

In the media, it is also possible to ask questions to a wedding expert, who, in cooperation with the TOP professionals in the European wedding field, will look for answers to all of your questions, including which of the suggested wedding ceremony venues will suit your wedding style the best. Visit the TOP offers section to get acquainted with the best wedding service providers and their work.

All this with us - in the wedding media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM!