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Wedding wear

Wedding apparel is not just about the bride's dress. Wedding clothes for men, including grooms, and attire for wedding guests, are just as important. It is also advised to think about how children will be dressed.

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Wedding attire etiquette

It is vital that wedding guests follow the appropriate dress code or wedding attire etiquette. The only one who can come to the wedding dressed in white is the bride, and no matter how many beautiful white evening dresses you own, this principle should be followed by all invited guests. Unless the new couple specifically includes it in their wedding dress code, the clothes for wedding guests should not be in red either. If the invitation does not specify the dress code, then the theme and time of the wedding should guide guests while thinking about their attire (for example, a wedding in the middle of the day or an evening party in a luxurious mansion). Also, if the wedding ceremony takes place, for example, in a church, then guests should choose wedding apparel that is not too exposed.

Wedding apparel for men

Not only the ladies but also the gentlemen need to think about appropriate wedding attire. Wedding clothes for men should be chosen according to the theme, style and weather of the particular wedding. For example, if the wedding takes place on the beach, then suitable wedding clothes would be light-colored (unless the dress code is specified in the invitation). In the wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM you will find not only the best offers for wedding attire, but also various suggestions and tips on what clothes are advisable for wedding guests.