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Wedding decorations


Wedding decorations are one of those items without which the wedding day is unthinkable. Wedding decorations will help to highlight your desired wedding inspiration and style. Regardless of whether it is a luxurious wedding in a castle or a simple wedding by the sea, well-suited wedding decorations will be needed in any case. Finding wedding decorations can be entrusted to a professional wedding decorator, or you can use services, such as renal wedding decorations.

Wedding decoration trends

Wedding decorations, such as various lamps, are very trendy in recent years - from larger and smaller bulbs, floor lamps with decorative lampshades, chandeliers of various styles, and, of course, candles.

The wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM brings together the best wedding decorators. To find the most suitable wedding decorations and decor rentals, we recommend not delaying the choice of wedding decorator for the last minute. Finding a great wedding decorator can take more time than it seems.

At BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM you will find the best wedding decorators, wedding decorations for the car, wedding decorations to rent - everything you need for a beautiful and sophisticated wedding day.

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Wedding decorations - from vintage to the most luxurious glamour!

Wedding decorations are the key to the whole event. For example, whether it is a luxurious wedding in a Manor or a wedding for a bohemian couple in an open-air barn. In any case, you will need suitable wedding decorations and a person who will help decorate in the appropriate way to achieve the desired look and make the bride and the groom feel satisfied.

Only the best wedding decorators and decorations to rent!

If you are organizing the wedding and if your list of tasks is to take care of wedding decorations and wedding style, then BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM will be the right place to look for inspiration and suggestions.


In our wedding and lifestyle media, you will find the best wedding vendors – professionals of the highest standard that will turn engaged couples’ ideas into reality. These first-class experts will provide competency-based answers to your questions regarding your dream wedding style, details, decorations, colors. They even can consult you on what type of wedding bouquet the bride fits the best with her wedding dress. In order to ease the process of bringing together your perfect wedding decorator with the most suitable wedding decoration rentals, BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM offers all the information in one place –our website.

Wedding decorations in BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM media:

  • Contact information of Wedding decorators who specialize in creating and/or wedding decorations. Catalog of decorators, their offer, and specialized skill-set is listed next to their phone numbers, emails, websites;
  • Informative and useful articles about a variety of different wedding styles, their most fitting decors, and accessories of all kinds;
  • Photo galleries that will help you to get inspired and listen to your inner voice about the most appealing representation of your special day.

In order to answer the question, how much will the wedding decorations will cost, you should already know:

  • Wedding season and the date. At certain times of the year, decorators can have a bigger workload. Flower varieties may warry through the seasons or other circumstances that can not be controlled;
  • Number of guests;
  • Wedding seating layout;
  • Overall wedding style and theme;
  • Special requests from the bride, the groom, or any other party involved in the planning process;
  • Optimal decorating time allowance;
  • Name and location of the ceremony and reception. Some venues are bigger or smaller than others, some venues have no furniture or they are fully decorated... The decorator should know how to decorate the space for the specific event;
  • How much space in the venue needs to be decorated. Depending on the planned activities, the engaged couple might be in need of decorations not only for the ceremony and reception space but also for extra decors and flower arrangements in other rooms for relaxed lounge bar setups, props for photobooths, kid corners, and others.

Wedding decorators will make sure that the expected mood is achieved, regardless of the venue

Main services that wedding decorators will offer for your special day:

  1. Developing wedding visual concept and outlines;
  2. Vision and execution according to your preferred style for your wedding ceremony location – church, registry office, castle, country house hotel, or outdoors;
  3. Wedding reception layout and floor planning according to the concept;
  4. Decorating a location or activity place as a surprise for the newly-weds;
  5. Portion of wedding decorators also offer florist services, it includes, making a wedding bouquet, flower arrangements for the car;
  6. Decorations for relaxed lounge bar setups, props for photobooths, kid corners at the wedding.

In media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM  - all timely information about wedding decorations

All wedding vendors, that you can see in our wedding and lifestyle media, are top-level professionals in their fields, this also includes wedding decorators and decor rentals. Each and every expert, listed on this site, will be able to answer all of your questions – what type of scenery will suit the best for your special day, how to conjure up a specific mood, what are common wedding decoration mistakes that you need to avoid.

The most beautiful, glamorous, alluring, delightful, and appealing representation to the smallest detail for your dress, choice of nominated photographers, original ideas, and decorations? The media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM  will help you to bring to everyone’s mind that special feeling that you have always dreamt about.