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Wedding jewelry

Wedding jewelry will give every bride an irresistible accent. The main piece of jewelry on the wedding day is undoubtedly the wedding ring, but do not forget about other wedding jewelry, including jewelry for hair.

Wedding jewelry according to the wedding style

Brides are different and their wedding accessories for their special day will be just as different. However, it is important to find the most suitable wedding jewelry for each wedding style and dress. The choice of wedding jewelry is largely determined by the bride's dress and overall wedding style, as well as often by the prevailing traditions and beliefs of those close to them, which would or would not be acceptable. Wedding jewelry should definitely be chosen only after the dress has been purchased, as different wedding dress styles require a different jewelry approach.

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How to choose wedding jewelry?

  • For example, fine jewelry could be more suitable for free-falling wedding dresses;
  • Royal style dress - wedding jewelry with large stones;
  • But in the most unconventional, for example, ethnographic-style weddings you can also use jewelry made of stones and leather, and there can also be customized and stylistically designed wedding head ornaments.

Less is more

When choosing wedding jewelry, be sure to keep in mind the famous saying that less actually means more or simply try not to overdo it with all the jewelry. There are brides who put only a necklace, leaving their ears and hands free, but there are also brides who will put only an expressive bracelet. What is better to put or not to put depends on the bride herself.

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Brides are different and their wedding jewelry will be just as different.

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