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Wedding music

When the excitement of the bride and groom after the emotional wedding ceremony is over, the festive dinner is eaten and the first wedding waltz is danced, it is time for the wedding musicians to start working and for you to go on a frantic dance with the wedding guests. An appropriate selection of wedding music makes the celebration even more enjoyable. Wedding musicians will be the new couple's main helpers in creating a festive atmosphere, so take enough time to look for the perfect musicians before the wedding.

Wedding musicians must be booked in advance

There are many professional wedding musicians in Latvia and elsewhere in the world who offer quality musical services at weddings and corporate events, nevertheless the couple should start thinking about choosing wedding music and book wedding musicians at least a year before the big event.

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Wedding music

Music at a wedding is as important a part of the event as a great photographer or bridal gown, so this question should not be postponed until a few months before the wedding to conclude that there are no wedding musicians.

The earlier the reservation is made, the more likely it is that you will be able to get exactly the wedding musicians you want and if you book a year in advance, it will probably be more financially rewarding than doing so at the last minute.

How long do wedding musicians play?

Just like other professionals in the field, a formal contract should also be made with the wedding musicians and current matters should be settled so that there is no misunderstanding later. The contract may also include and arrange in advance both the repertoire and any special song orders, specifying in particular the music for the wedding ceremony and the music for the wedding waltz.

Mostly all wedding musicians have adapted to the established format of the event, and their repertoire includes songs of various genres and styles. On average, wedding musicians play 2.5-3 hours with short breaks. Of course, if the couple wants, then the wedding musicians can perform longer.

Wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has compiled the best offers of wedding musicians all around the world, as well as our media offers various advice articles on how to understand what will be the most suitable music for your wedding.

Professional wedding musicians BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM is the first assistant of a modern bride in the wedding organization process. With our help, you will not have to waste hours looking for the best wedding musicians, because we have already selected professional musicians, and all you have to do is simply choose. Our media represents musicians of different styles and genres - classical and hit music performers, pop singers, DJs - and connoisseurs of light effects.

In each musician's profile you will find:

  • Information regarding the musician's education and professional experience;
  • Samples of compositions and information about the genres of music to be performed;
  • Contacts: email address, phone number, links to accounts on social networks.

Professional wedding musicians let you see their portfolio so you can select the musicians whose creative work speaks to your heart. Communicate with different musicians, tell them about your vision and think together about the desired musical accompaniment for your wedding!

If you want to include your favorite songs in the wedding, discuss this in time for the musicians to prepare for the performance. Wedding musicians set prices for the performance depending on the length and complexity of the program.

Live music - the best wedding accompaniment

Are wedding musicians necessary for all weddings? Of course not, you can structure and prepare the musical program on your own, but you will hardly want to sit by a computer and switch songs while celebrating your wedding day. By entrusting wedding music to professionals, you will get:

  • great sound;
  • an original, previously unheard performance of compositions;
  • opportunity to enjoy the wedding instead of taking care of the music

Live music and romantic wedding songs will decorate any wedding day. Musicians offer various programs for large or small weddings, classical and informal celebrations. Wedding musicians range in price from 100 to 500 or more euros per night. The music that will be played at your wedding also depends on the size of the wedding, the venue and the number of guests.

Do you know what music is best for a wedding?

Nowadays, weddings can be held in almost any style. Music for weddings can also be varied, and professional wedding musicians are able to compose a musical program that will sound throughout the whole wedding evening or night. Whatever program you choose, live music will add extra elegance to your wedding day.

Creative musicians at the wedding will play:

  • wedding songs - you can arrange with your musicians to play your favorite compositions;
  • music for dancing - there are rarely any weddings without dancing, and live music is especially suitable for both the first dance of the newlyweds and for the fun dancing with your guests;
  • relaxing music - in the second half of the evening usually guests do not want to actively dance, so wedding musicians switch to slow lounge or funk type music.

With the help of our media you will be able to organize a great wedding day regardless of the scale and style of the celebration. Use our tips and arrange your wedding the way a wedding expert would - with live music and your favorite wedding songs. Let the wedding music be at its best on your big day!