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Wedding sweets

Wedding sweets will always be topical, and the wedding cake is still the queen of the wedding celebration. As important as wedding dresses and wedding ceremony venues are, the choice of a wonderful and visually beautiful wedding cake and sweets table is just as important. However, there are several things to keep in mind when choosing and ordering wedding sweets.

Wedding sweets - as different as the wedding guests

Sweets for wedding guests can be varied - from decorated cupcakes to royal wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are no longer just a delicious biscuit with an even tastier layer of cream. They are decorated in a variety of ways - with edible and inedible materials, artificial and live flowers.

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Wedding sweets and their variations

Live flowers, they should be beautifully arranged on the cake, you can also use some additional elements. The minimum amount per guest would be 100-120 grams of wedding cake.

At the same time, do not exaggerate how big the wedding cake should be. To know how much of a wedding cake to order, you need to know your guests and find out a number of important questions. One of them - how many of the wedding guests have a sweet tooth - if there is any, then most of them will probably want another piece.

Sweets for wedding guests must be stored properly

It should also be remembered that on hot summer days, especially if the event takes place outdoors, it is a great idea to serve the wedding cake after the wedding ceremony. In this way, not only will it not spoil and retain both its shape and taste, but guests will also appreciate it and give special value to the wedding cake. Also, the sweets that the wedding guests decide to serve during the evening must be stored properly in hot weather so that they are not spoiled.

Wedding and lifestyle media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM has compiled the best offers of wedding sweets, as well as regularly updates various articles on what to consider when creating a wedding sweets table.

Original wedding cakes

We, the modern wedding media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, are convinced that for a newlywed couple to have a sweeter relationship, it is imperative to have a sweet and delicious wedding cake on their wedding day.

An important tip - if you want an intricately shaped wedding cake with a special filling, you should take into account that it will take time to make such a cake. In this situation, the order should be placed even a few months before the wedding. If you are having a wedding and your to-do list is to order a stunning wedding cake, then BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM is here to help you in the process!

On our wedding media you will find the best pastry shops and confectioners who will implement your ideas and provide professional advice on choosing the most appropriate wedding cake. Cakes stacked on top of each other or on different levels of racks, the so-called bare cakes or cakes covered with cream - the choice of wedding cakes is so diverse (not to mention the decorations and fillings).

To make it easier for you to find and order the desired cake that will perfectly match the chosen wedding theme, we offer all the most important information in one place.
On our media you will find:

  • Contact information for confectionery specializing in the production of wedding cakes and sweets - addresses, telephone numbers, emails and websites, as well as the range of services offered;
  • Picture galleries of fabulous wedding cakes and other sweets that will help you choose the most suitable confectioner or pastry shop.

A sweet alternative to wedding cakes

Following the latest trends in wedding planning, people are increasingly choosing other delicacies instead of wedding cakes, such as various sweet snacks stacked in towers.
An interesting and modern alternative to a wedding cake is:

  • Small cakes - icing cakes or cupcakes;
  • Recent years most popular choice - delicious macaroons;
  • Unusual cake pop, (cakes on a stick), such as with white or dark chocolate glaze.

Such light sweet snacks will look very original, as well as not create a great feeling of satiety for the guests of the celebration. The confectioneries in our media follow these new trends and offer their customers creative, delicious and beautiful solutions for the confectionery table. Check out our picture galleries, get inspired and realize your wishes by choosing the most suitable confectioner or pastry chef!

Wedding cake as a work of art

Often wedding cakes are a great treat not only for the belly, but also for the eyes - multi-storey cakes with various decorations, such as flowers (edible or alive), lace, pearls, bows and other decorations surprise with their beauty and unusualness. We are sure that when ordering such a cake, guests will not be able to hide their smartphones and will photograph such a work of art non-stop!

The latest information about professional wedding cake bakers

All wedding service providers in our media are professionals in their field, and confectioners are no exception. What are the most popular cakes in the summer? And what kind in winter time? What decors to choose for each season? Which ingredients to choose and which ones you should not (did you know that it is not advisable to use poppies and dark or milk chocolate in wedding cakes)?

The answers to these and other questions are known to professional wedding cake bakers, whose contact information can be found on our media. With BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM you will organize a modern and stunning wedding - one that will be remembered with a cake and a bride's dress and, of course, with the wedding ceremony itself!