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Wedding drinks

Undoubtedly, champagne is the most popular wedding drink in the world, but as the wedding traditions transform, so do the wedding drinks.

Wedding drinks - strong alcohol and cocktail menu

Weddings, just like the wedding drinks, tend to be very different. When choosing alcoholic beverages for weddings, be sure to include spirits as well as sparkling beverages and wine. The cocktail menu should also include refreshing summer cocktails, such as Aperol Spritz, Hugo, Mohito and other wedding drinks. When choosing alcoholic beverages, be sure to take into account their quality, as this will affect the quality of the whole next day.

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Personalized wedding drinks

Wedding experts around the world point out that overly personalized wedding drinks are no longer fashionable. Bartenders indicate that the names of wedding drinks such as "Newlyweds' Kiss", "Summer Night's Dream" or "Swan's Scream" are no longer relevant, and a bartender who is contracted to make cocktails will spend a lot of time explaining their composition to guests. There is a possibility that the bartender will get tired of this duty and will start making his own wedding cocktails to facilitate his work. Also, more and more often, wedding drinks are prepared straw-less or metal or bamboo straws are being used.

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