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Wedding ring alternatives - tattoo ring

Original wedding rings, personalized wedding rings especially for the couple, wedding and engagement ring alternatives, and… tattooed rings! Yes, this is one of the most current trends to replace a wedding ring if you do not want to wear it every day or it is impractical.

The symbolic meaning of a wedding ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of marriage ties, trust, and love. It is believed that in ancient times, during the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom wrapped grass stalks around the joints and feet. Similarly, the first rings were made of reeds, grasses, and other natural materials.

tetovēti gredzeni, kāzu tetovējumi

The most popular wedding tattoos

Couples who decide to tattoo a sign of mutual trust on their bodies tend to be especially creative, but some choices have become more popular. The place where a wedding ring is usually worn is most often tattooed with:

  • Ring on the ring finger;
  • Key for one lover and lock for the other;
  • Hearts;
  • Coordinated, complementary drawings;
  • Wedding dates or initials;
  • Special phrase or symbol important to the couple.
tetovēti gredzeni, kāzu tetovējumi

Love tattoos in the world

The world-famous Beckham couple, David and Victoria, have tattooed more than one confession of love for each other - David has immortalized the name of his beloved on the palm of his hand, but on his finger - 99, which marks the couple's wedding year, and on his hand - ten roses in honor of the couple's tenth wedding anniversary. Both have tattooed the date of their remarriage in 2006.

tetovēti gredzeni, kāzu tetovējumi

Musicians Beyonce and Jay Zee tattooed the Roman numeral IV on their goldsmiths, which marks the date of both birthdays. Adam Levin, the leader of the Maroon 5 group, and his wife, Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, have chosen three equal-dot tattoos on the goldsmiths.

tetovēti gredzeni, kāzu tetovējumi

What to keep in mind when choosing a ring symbol to tattoo

TSince such minimal tattoos can fade faster over time, the tattooed area should be well cared for by listening to the master's recommendations. Four expert tips for caring for a tattooed ring:

  • Keep skin clean. Use mild soap and clean water to avoid grease and sweat;
  • Moisturize the skin. Use good quality natural products, such as shea butter or beeswax, which will prevent the skin from cracking during the healing of the tattoo wound;
  • Avoid UV radiation;
  • Do not rub the tattooed area and avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces, such as putting your hands in your pockets too often.
tetovēti gredzeni, kāzu tetovējumi

What else can replace wedding rings?

It can be any other compatible jewelry - bracelets or necklaces. And here the variety of materials is revealed - gold, silver, copper, leather, or artificial alternative materials, which can be decorated with the wedding date, spouse initials, or other symbolic engravings and inscriptions.

An even more unusual, but very symbolic and nice choice - a tree planted together. The fruit tree is most often chosen to give rich fruit, both literally and figuratively. Caring for a tree planted together will symbolize love and a relationship in which you work together to make your union grow stronger.

tetovēti gredzeni, kāzu tetovējumi

Author: Ieva Simanovica

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